IGK | New Kid On The (Hair) Block

Thursday, 14 December 2017

igk hair review

IGK Hair basically appeared out of no where, at least, as far as I am concerned. It seemed like just one day that they were at Sephora, at IPSY's Gen Beauty, with Influenster, and in my ipsy bag. I have not seen a ton of bloggers talking about them, so I am excited to share with you my thoughts on their products after playing with them for the last four or so months.

2017 Beauty Favourites

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

best makeup 2017 it cc cream clarins double serum pacifica super kale boxycharm review

I have not sat down to do a monthly favourites in a while, because honestly, my favourites don't really change much month to month, and using a product for a month after it is released isn't really all that hard. But yearly favourites? Those mean something in my book. I have sat down, scrolled my Instagram and my past blog posts, and looked through my most used makeup to identify my favourite products of 2017.

Benefit Holiday Sets | My Favourites for 2017

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


benefit christmas sets 2017

Every year Benefit releases beautiful holiday sets at a great value. You can always expect to see full sized favourites at ridiculously good prices. Generally speaking, Benefit prefers to package up full sized products and deluxe samples, rather than release all new products for the holiday season. Keep reading to see my thoughts on all of their releases (in Canada) this year!

My Sephora VIB Rouge Sale Haul | 2017

Monday, 11 December 2017

sephora vib rouge haul

I don't often post hauls, but lately it seems that everybody is posting their VIB sale hauls, and well, I am quite proud of mine. Plus, as you may know, I am attempting to do Blogmas which means I need some new content up every single day this month, and well, let's be honest, hauls are easy to write ;)

Secret Santa | Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network

Sunday, 10 December 2017

canadian beauty blogger secret santa

Every year the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network comes together for basically the best Secret Santa Ever.

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Her | 2017

Saturday, 9 December 2017


Stocking stuffers are simply my favourite gifts to buy. There is something special about curating a delightful selection of goodies for somebody you love, where each item is selected with care. Its not about getting the biggest or most expensive gift -- its about getting a bunch of little things that show how well you know the giftee. I can't wait to one day have a family of my own to "help Santa" create stockings for. In the mean time, enjoy this gif guide that I put together with the ladies in my life (& me!) in mind!

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar | Swatches & Review

Friday, 8 December 2017

too faced white chocolate bar palette swatches review pale skin

If you are anything like me, you know that family is everything this time of year. And how could I let the family be incomplete? With the original Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet, BonBons, and Sweet Peach, it would be simply wrong for me not to have White Chocolate? Right? Right? Okay well that si what I told myself.

The limited edition Too Faced White Chocolate palette retails for $59 (the same as all of their other Chocolate Bar palettes). Inspired by the White Chocolate Chip palette from last Christmas, this 16 shade, full sized palette includes matte and shimmery shadows, with 5 brand new shades. 

too faced white chocolate bar palette swatches review pale skin

Pretty pastels and creamy nudes, this palette has everything you need for a soft and pretty look.With the exception of a pop of lavender, green, and black, this is a very neutral palette. It has the classic chocolate scent that their Chocolate Bars are known for, and is of course formulated with real cocoa powder.

too faced white chocolate bar palette swatches review pale skin

Mint Chocolate, Glaze, Cake Batter, Exotica, Chocolate Syrup, Pearl Candy, Raspberry Rose, Indulge, Lavender Cake, Guilt Free 

too faced white chocolate bar palette swatches review pale skin

Cake Batter, Exotica, Chocolate Syrup, Pearl Candy, Raspberry Rose, Indulge, Lavender Cake, Guilt Free, Smoked Sea Salt

too faced white chocolate bar palette swatches review pale skin

Frosted Apricot, Cookie Dough, Sugared Raisin, Black Sugar, Banana Date

My favourite shadows in the palette are Cake Batter, Exotica, Chocolate Syrup and Frosted Apricot. As usual the metallic shades are perfect, the glittery shades chunky, and the matte shades very workable. I was not impressed by the fall out of Sugared Raisin when used in the following look:

too faced white chocolate bar palette swatches review pale skin

too faced white chocolate bar palette swatches review pale skin

MAC Lady Be Good liquid lipstick on my lips.

I used Glaze all over my eyelid up to my eyebrows. I then put Cake Batter in my crease, Lavender Cake on my lid, and Sugared Raisin on top of Lavender Cake. I was not impressed by Lavender Cake's pigmentation, and I found Sugared Raisin to be a bit chunky. 

I like the lighter neutrals in this palette for an easy every day look. I think if you are pale like me (hello 9 times out of 10 being the lightest foundation shade) that you will find this palette reasonablly flattering. That is, assuming you don't like anything dramatic. For anybody darker than me (which is most people in the world) it might be more difficult to make this work.

At the end of the day I am thrilled to have this palette in my collection, if only to complete the Chocolate Bar family. I can't say it is Too Faced's best work, but its pretty to photograph. 

Do you collect eyeshadow palettes? Have you tried this one?

I bought this palette with my own money.

Hello Day #7 of Blogmas! Wow blogging every day is time consuming. Congrats to all those ladies who get it done! I think my goal for the new year will be a more reasonable 3 per week! 

The Face Shop x Disney | Never Too Old for Mickey

Thursday, 7 December 2017

the face shop disney collection review

Classic Disney never goes out of style, and I love that brands are finally recognizing that there is a market for Disney branded makeup products beyond the 4-6 year old market. Keep reading for my thoughts on the Face Shop x Disney Collection!

Winter Glow with Burberry | + The Royal Engagement

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

burberry cashmere foundation review

There are few brands that immediately conjure a feeling of luxury and sophistication quite like Burberry.  From their classic trench coats to their timeless tartan scarf, the brand oozes luxury and style. Their makeup collection is no different.

Zoella Giveaway | Best Chums Coin Purse

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

zoella giveaway

Hello beautifuls! Today I thought it would be fun to share a quick little life update, and a giveaway!

Grease The Musical | Toronto

Monday, 4 December 2017

grease the musical review toronto

A few weeks ago some of my favourite ladies and I headed to Toronto's Winter Garden Theatre to watch Grease live in Toronto! A classic favourite, with memorable songs and a colourful cast, Grease never fails to disappoint.

grease the musical review toronto

Janel Parrish-- best known as Mona from Pretty Little Liars stars as Sandy, with Katie Findlay opposite her as Rizzo. During basically the whole musical I kept thinking that Rizzo looked familiar, but I just couldn't place her. Some quick googling showed me that she played Maggie in The Carrie Diaries. Dylan Wallach plays the ever-handsome Danny Zuko.

While all the songs you love about Grease are in the musical, they aren't always in the order or setting that you expect. At first I found it a bit hard to watch -- I was always expecting something, only to hear something else. Once I let go of how I thought the musical was supposed to be I was better able to enjoy it. I recommend not coming with expectations that it is simply going to be the movie on stage. 

grease the musical review toronto

Two songs I loved (for entirely different reasons) were "Beauty School Drop Out" and "There Are Worse Things I Could Do". "Beauty School Drop Out" (above) is hilarious. The angel is basically Frenchy's gay best friend saying, in the most hilarious way possible, "girl. you can do so much better in life." I found the musical's version to be much poppier version to the musical's ballad.

grease the musical review toronto 

"There Are Worse Things I Could Do" was probably the most emotional song of the show. Rizzo added a new level of complexity that I don't recall from the movie - mainly the difficult choice about abortion. Sung in a dingy basement rec-room party, her voice was strong yet vulnerable, and all together rather moving. 

A final highlight? The screening of "Duck and Cover" (what to do in case of a nuclear attack) in the opening scene. 

grease the musical review toronto

Many attendees came to the show dressed up in their "Pink Ladies" jackets, which was a lot of fun. My friends and I had a great time at the show -- perfect to see with a group of girls. Maybe grab something to eat and drink before hand to really make a night out of it. If you like Grease you will have a great time at the show. If you don't like Grease, then don't go. Included in the group I went to Grease with are some of my blogger friends, my boss, and her two girls (10 and 11). The kids had a blast, and while the language was colourful at times, their mom didn't mind, which was a huge relief! I don't know if I would suggest taking kids younger than that though.

I probably don't have a future as a theatre reviewer. While there were some parts that were a touch awkward or that could have been polished, I had a lot of fun at the show, and I think that that is what matters most! Also -- the Winter Garden is a beautiful venue! 

With 4 weeks of shows added, Grease will now be in Toronto until January 7th. Tickets range from $20 to $169. You can purchase them here

Thanks for the invite, Kate!

Tickets to this show were gifted by PR. Opinions are my own! Obviously I did not take these photos myself because taking photos in the theatre is highly frowned upon. Photos are from the production.

P.S. Blogmas Day 4 is complete! 

Love Locks Returns at Vaughan Mills | Sick Kids

Sunday, 3 December 2017

vaughan mills love locks sick kids

The Love Lock wall is back at Vaughan Mills just in time for this holiday season! Each lock purchased comes with a special key-psake to remember your special contribution. Last year Love Locks raised over $150,000 for Sick Kids. This year's goal? $160, 000.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick | Swatches & Review

Saturday, 2 December 2017

bite beauty amuse bouche liquid lipstick review swatches

Something about the transition from November to December leaves everything about my skin feeling dry. My hands, my face, my lips, and the last thing I could imagine wanting to wear on a daily basis is a liquid lipstick. Seriously, my lips are feeling so dry lately. The last thing I want to do is suck them dry with a matte lipstick (but I mean I will make an exception for a holiday party ;) ) Say hello to Bite Beauty's latest product launch: the Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick.

Unlike the typical liquid lipsticks, this one is. not. matte. Nor does it claim to be. This innovative liquid lipstick is more like a super super highly pigmented gloss with creamy wear and a satiny finish. 

bite beauty amuse bouche liquid lipstick review swatches

Formulated with monoi butter and coconut oil, the formula melts at the temperature of your lips to glide on effortlessly. Originally launched in 12 shades, they now boast 20 beautifully rich shades to pick from. Packaged in a matte grey squared tube, application is with a standard doe foot applicator. 

bite beauty amuse bouche liquid lipstick review swatches

I find the formula to be luxurious -- smooth with a shine that wears down to a demi-matte. I can get a few hours of wear, but of course, not as long as a typical matte liquid lipstick. At first the formula feels heavy, but that doesn't last long. I find it stays put when it comes to the edges of my lips, though it seems to be remarkably good at finding its way to my teeth... so double check before leaving the house!

bite beauty amuse bouche liquid lipstick review swatches

While each of the shades I was sent are beautiful, I am particularly taken with "Candy". I love this bright and punchy red and can't wait to wear it to holiday parties this year! I am also loving "Éclair" for every day wear!

Overall I am very impressed by these. You can purchase them individually at Sephora for $28, or in a set of four minis from their holiday collection, also for $28.

Blogmas Day 2! Okay so far two days in and I am swimming along. But I mean really blogging for two days in a row isn't that big of a deal. Let's celebrate at day 10 or something like that! I guess the bright side of blogging every day for a month is that I will totally eliminate my blogging backlog by the new year! 

Products sent for review. 

Angel by Mugler 2017 "Angel Arty"

Friday, 1 December 2017


angel by mugler limited edition 2017 arty case

Angel by Mugler is an iconic fragrance. Warm. Spicy. Sensual. Housed in a beautiful star shaped bottle, this scent looks as beautiful on your vanity as it does on you.

I have decided, rather last minute (its 11:18 PM as I write this today) that I am going to participate in Blogmas. I did a modified Vlogmas on my YouTube channel last year, so I figured why not give it a try? I'm not 100% sure if I can post a new blog post every single day this month, but I am going to try my very best. Wish me luck! 

angel by mugler limited edition 2017 arty case

"There is a goddess in every woman that I like to magnify."—Thierry Mugler

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away a high school boyfriend dragged me to the mall so he could purchase his mom a refill of this perfume. At the time I couldn't imagine wearing it because it was his mom's perfume. Then we broke up, and every time I would smell the perfume I would be brought back to the worst parts of our relationship. It really is amazing how strong scent memory can be, and what scents can mean to us. We ended our relationship probably six or seven years ago, and since then I have settled into something entirely wonderful with my boyfriend of nearly five years. But I was still amazed when this perfume arrived at my door, how much the scent and bottle could remind me of.

That being said, I was determined when I opened the perfume that I would give it a fair shot. After all, in the 25 years that this perfume has been around, it has attracted a cult like following from women from across the globe. Just because I had maybe not the best introduction to this scent a number of years ago doesn't mean that I can't love it now.

angel by mugler limited edition 2017 arty case

Created in 1992, Mugler's star perfume continues to reinvent itself, trailing innovative gems in its wake. As the first "gourmand" fragrance, Angel celebrates a bewitching, carnal and glamorous femininity. 

This warm and spicy fragrance is the first "gourmand" fragrance. With key notes of caramel, chocolate, honey, and vanilla, this fragrance smells strongly of patchouli and vanilla. I find a little goes a long way with this scent, and that it lingers on my skin long into the night. What makes this perfume a winner in my books (and the reason I can handle wearing it despite my story earlier in the post) is that is truly smells different on every body. I have smelled it run more spicy on others, but on me it is quite floral. Part of me wonders if you smell the smell you want with it -- I love florals.

Reinvented for 2017, the scent is of course the same, but with a limited edition pop-on-pop-off "Angel Arty" case. This is the second year that Mugler has released a case like this-- perfect for mega fans and collectors, it is availiable in the 25mL and 50mL sizes.

I love that the bottle is refillable -- buy it once, and refill it for life. I love the idea of keeping your same beautiful bottle for years and never having to throw it away.

Have you tried this perfume before? What are your thoughts?

Products sent for review. Opinions are my own!

Artist Face Colours | H102, B302, S114

Monday, 27 November 2017

make up for ever MUFE artist face colour H102 B302 S114

H102, B302, S114

Have you ever come across a face palette, and loved every colour... except for one? Say hello to MAKE UP FOR EVER's latest launch: the Artist Face Colours. This new collection of 34 shades has everything from shimmery pearls to rich bronzes, from soft pinks to bright oranges. And they truly have shades that work for all skin tones.

Winter Workout Favourites

Sunday, 26 November 2017

lorna jane sport check

I'm basically convinced that fall and spring are the only good times to go to the gym. Summer its hot and sweaty before you start your cardio, and winter is that awkward balance of keeping cool in the gym but then also being slightly freezing. 


Friday, 24 November 2017

tweezerman huda beauty

What happens when a global beauty icon and the best tweezer company you know team up? Well your favourite tweezers get a bit of a makeover! Huda Kattan, the beauty & brain behind Huda Beauty, maker of one of the best liquid lipsticks on the market, has teamed up with the ever reliable Tweezerman to bring forward a beautifully curated collection, just in time for Christmas!

Holiday Gift Guide | Hillcrest Mall

Thursday, 23 November 2017

hillcrest mall holiday giftguide 2017

Is it just me, or has November just flown by? But you know what that means... Christmas shopping! With Sporting Life (my new favourite store), Sephora, Aritzia, David's Tea, and so much more,  Hillcrest has everything you need to check off your wish list! Bonus points if some of these goodies end up under the tree from Santa ;)

Coach EDP For Him & For Her

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

coach edp for him and her

I wouldn't say that my boyfriend spends too much time worrying about the beauty products that end up in our living room, but he never complains when there is something for him. Well. He does complain. He complains when I endeavour to wrap them up as a Christmas gift. He would rather I just give it to him now. Needless to say we were both pleased when a pair of matching fragrances landed at our doorstep (for the second time in a month or so!).

Winter Is Coming | Transitional Fall Fashion Favourites

Sunday, 19 November 2017

roots zip down packable jacket

November in Toronto is pretty mild, all things considered. Sure the weather can be temperamental, but you usually don't expect to see big flakes of snow landing on your face. However, up north in Simcoe County, where my family lives and where I sometimes work, November, as I have come to learn, is a whole other ball game. Keep reading to see my top picks for that awkward transition from fall to winter!

NYX Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar *SPOILER*

Saturday, 11 November 2017


NYX Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar

If you know me then you know that holiday content is my favourite content to produce all year. A few weeks ago I was at the NYX Halloween Party in Toronto, and was lucky enough to leave with a few goodies. Today I am sharing the NYX Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar with you!

2 Days In Nice (+Monaco!) | Nice, France

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

2 days in nice france

This summer my boyfriend and I went on an epic Europe trip. And while the whole trip was amazing, there was something about Nice that stole my heart. I wanted to take some time to share with you some of what we did while we were away and share some tips about what to do and how to save money.

NYX Pin Up Pout Lipsticks

Monday, 25 September 2017


NYX pin up pout lipstick review and swatches

NYX is a total rockstar when it comes to high quality products at a drugstore price point, so when any NYX product lands on my desk my expectations are already pretty high. However, these blew me out of the water. Keep reading for swatches and to see just why I love these new lip sticks so much!

Too Faced Melted Latex Liquid Lipsticks | Full Collection Swatched!

Sunday, 24 September 2017


Too Faced Melted Latex Liquid Lipsticks

I feel like I have said this 1000 times this summer, but the warmer weather always has me reaching for lip glosses over matte liquid lipsticks. Recently Too Faced launched a new collection of Melted Latex Liquid Lipsticks, which more or less work out to being high coverage lip glosses. Keep reading for my lip swatches of the full collection and my thoughts on the formula!

Mary Kay Fall 2017 | Rosé Nudes & Smoky Greys

Saturday, 23 September 2017

mary kay fall 2017 rose nudes smoky grey

Technically yesterday was the first day of Fall-- however I am not yet reaching for my smokey plums and berry lips. I went for a walk yesterday for an hour and actually got a sun burn. But that being said, sooner or later we will be reaching for our fall jackets, and when the air gets cool and crisp I put away my corals in search of something a bit moodier. Recently Mary Kay was nice enough to send me their new fall launches, and I am really excited to be sharing them here with you today!

Séxūal Paris For Her & For Him by Michel Germain

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Séxūal Paris For Her & For Him by Michel Germain review

Nothing makes me happier than when I get a PR package that I can share with my boyfriend. I'm lucky to get a number of wonderful gifts in the mail every month, but it is always extra special when there is something I can share with him. I was delighted earlier this month to receive not one, but two of Michel Germain's scents. One for me, and one for him!

Pacifica Lip Balms

Saturday, 9 September 2017

pacifica lip balm

Its always handy to have a lip balm in your purse. Often enough my boyfriend will ask if I have one, or I will end up in a heavily air conditioned office that just dries me out (summer). In the winter, its the cold wind coming in off Lake Ontario that leave my face (and in particular my lips) dry and chapped. I tend to get bored of the traditional vanilla/mint/cherry combinations so I was excited when Pacifica's new collection landed on my desk!

pacifica lip balm

This fun new launch includes seven new lip balms and a lip scrub. Flavours include: Persian Cherry, Summer Kale, Bali Coconut, Cuban Mango, Hawaiian Banana, Indian Chai and Rainbow Watermelon.

Each of these balms is clear -- no tints here! They each have a very unique and distinct scent. In my opinion, Indian Chai is the most unique! I have never seen chai as a lip balm flavour, and I know that it will be a hit for those who love chai tea! Hawaiian Banana smelled just like the ear infection medicine I had as a kid, in the best possible way (I always loved the fact that it was banana flavoured. As a kid I had quite a number of ear infections and the banana medicine was comforting to me and made it all better).

pacifica lip balm

While each of the scents was lovely, Summer Kale was with out a doubt my favourite! This lip balm had the same refreshing, fruity green scent that the shampoo and conditioner that I fell in love with does! It is entirely unique among my lip balm and gloss collections, andI have been reaching for it over the last few weeks! My other favourite was Cuban Mango, because I love mangos. Of course wear time on a lip balm is nothing to write home about, however they are moisturizing and leave my lips feeling good!

pacifica lip balm

This collection also included a lip scrub. I like that the scrub can be used straight from the tube -- no dipping dirty fingers into a jar! It gets the scrubbing done without being too abrasive which I appreciate. I like to use this once or twice a week a the same time that I brush my teeth.

Pacifica always have the most inviting natural scents. Not only do they have fun names, but they are often in unique combinations. I am so happy that this lip balm collection is no different!

Have you had a chance to try anything from this collection? What do you think?

This collection can be purchased at Ulta for $4.99 USD each. This line is Ulta exclusive. They are 100% vegan, and cruelty-free.

Products sent for review, opinions remain my own!

Fab Fit Fun Fall 2017 Spoliers & Why I Switches To The Annual Subscription

Friday, 8 September 2017

fab fit fun spoiler fall 2017

I haven't been this excited about my Fab Fit Fun box in a while. Actually... probably since last fall! I find that they do an excellent job on the fall box because they seem to  find the most lovely scarves! Keep reading to see why I switched to an annual subscription, and to see what I will be getting!

My Burberry Blush Eau De Parfum

Thursday, 7 September 2017


My Burberry Blush Eau De Parfum review

If My Burberry is a busy, professional London executive, then My Burberry Blush is when she dons her favourite dress and attends a garden party with her high class peers (and in this image, the Duchess of Cambridge is in attendance with Princess Charlotte for a perfect girls day while William is off flying planes with George).

Nudestix All Over Face Colour | Bondi Bae & Illumi-naughty

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Nudestix All Over Face Colour } Bondi Bae & Illumi-naughty

Ever since Nudestix hit the aisle at Sephora, I have been a fan of this homegrown Canadian brand. Recently they expanded away from their standard eye and lip crayons to include some products for the rest of our face. Today I am here with a quick review on their bronzer and highlighter! 

MAC Next To Nothing Foundation Review & Why Blog Posts Are More Than First Impressions

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


mac next to nothing foundation review honest

The working title for this post is "MAC Next To Nothing Foundation Review & Why Blog Posts Are More Than First Impressions"...and ugh...I just don't even want to write it. I want to start off by saying that I have a fair bit of love for MAC as a brand, and that I really, really, really hate sharing negative reviews. But...........

Clinique x Jonathan Adler

Monday, 4 September 2017

Clinique x Jonathan Adler

Earlier this summer Clinique launched a bright, bold, and beautiful collection with interior designer Jonathan Adler. Adler was inspired by "jet-set glamour" and as luck would have it, I received this collection at more or less the same time that I set off on my own whirlwind vacation.  While this post is up a litter later than I would like, I have zero regrets about my trip! He said that he wanted to reflect the luxury and beauty of iconic summer destinations. While he may not have named a lipstick after Barcelona, Morocco or Nice, this collection brings back wonderful memories of a perfect vacation.